Thopfest "The Happiness of Pursuit" 2018

This year's Thopfest was one for the books. Presented by rapper 60 East and a member of the hip hop group First Dirt, the two introduced a string of underground rappers who have been making a name for themselves in the underground hip hop scene. Many people young and old attended to witness this amazing event.

Hip hop artist 2mex (a member of the Visionaries) was in attendance, flowing to many of his songs and still managing to have a sense of humor; referring to his prosthetic leg at one point saying “Since I’m a Raider, I consider myself a Pirate." Hailing from Highland park was the talented Reverie, she’s been around in the scene for a long time, and when it comes to being a crowd pleaser, her fans are number one first and foremost. She performed her latest album, Satori on stage with so much energy; it made a lot of girls cry.

Amongst the many hip hop groups performing were The Common Ground, Showcase626, Platform collection mixtape, Edgar Sosa and Celphi, J.Lately and more. All these men and women gave outstanding performances bringing a new, complex sound and carrying the hip hop torch into the next generation. As night started to fall, a chant came out of the crowd; many people wanted to hear 60 East perform on stage. Being the real MC that he is, 60 East gave the crowd what they wanted, performing hit songs like “What I’m Saying” and “Almost there."

Another great artist was Fashawn. Hailing from Fresno, California, Fashawn considers himself more of a conscious artist. His lyrics are mostly about the world we live in, the good and the bad, often saying what the average person is thinking. Performing songs like “Guess Who's Back” and “Something To Believe In”, Fashawn proves that he's a rapper who stays “woke” and is willing talk about everything and anything to get his point across.

The man of the hour, and who many people came to see, was Detroit rapper and songwriter Obie Trice. Trice has been in the hip hop scene since the early 2000’s and was introduced to Eminem by the Detroit based hip hop group D-12. Once on stage, Trice wasted no time introducing himself and special guest Swift from D-12. With a Hennessy bottle in one hand and a mic in the other, Trice made sure to give the people what they came for. Performing many hits like “The Set Up” and “Snitch,” Obie proved he can still compete with todays generation of rappers. As the night began to close, Trice rapped his favorite jam which hit the airwaves back in 2003 called “Got Some Teeth." The performance put everyone into a frenzy with their bottles way up in the air.

Overall “The Happiness of Pursuit” aka Thopfest 2018 was a real success. All the artist spoke their voice, whether it be young or old, every single person had something to say. Next year's event should be highly anticipated.