Product Review: Mackie MP 460 Quad Balanced Armature Professional In-Ear Monitors

Recently, Mackie partnered with Knowles, a leading manufacturer of balanced armature drivers to expand their already successful IEM (In Ear Monitor) range. The collaboration resulted in the development of the all-new MP 360 and MP 460, Mackie’s most technologically advanced IEMs to date. The MP 460 shown here delivers crystal-clear sound with stunning vocal clarity and detail resolution.

In developing the MP 460, Mackie identified that IEMs were being used in markets that had not previously been widely used. For example, Mackie was able to identify that in the DJ Market, more and more people were mixing on IEM’s rather than on traditional over the ear headphones.

Developing an IEM is a complex art. Every ear is different, and each ear will get a totally different response. Perceived sound for each person will be different because of the unique sound coming from the monitor into a person’s ear. Moderns IEM technology involves a complex relationship between the ear and the driver and Knowles has been developing balanced armature drivers since the 1980’s. Balanced armature drivers are incredibly small and use an electronic signal to vibrate a tiny reed that is balanced between two magnets inside small enclosure in this case an IEM housing. The motion of the reed is transferred to a very stiff aluminum diaphragm. This diaphragm is free of unwanted resonances in the audio band, allowing it to produce a full range of the audio frequency spectrum.

The Mackie MP 460 features a precision 3-way crossover ensures a balanced sound across the entire frequency range. The MP 460 has a frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz, Impedance: 32 Ohms, Transducer Type: Quad Balanced Armature. Sensitivity: 94dB±3dB@1mW at 1KHz.

The top-of-the-range MP -460 features quad balanced armature drivers that are custom designed specifically for the MP Series and are capable of up to 40db of sound isolation for the best possible performance in studio or on stage. The MP 460 adds in HODVTEC technology adding distinctive character to the Bass and high-end frequency response. The Quad Balanced Armature paired with dual woofer technology and two driver sets to accurately translates your mix.  The MP-460 is designed in an ergonomically molded low-profile enclosure enduring maximum comfort, sound isolation and bass response and features a clear enclosure for an unobtrusive look on stage.

The MP 460’s high-fidelity cable is a shielded and braided cable and is designed for extra durability and sonic performance. The MP 460 is equipped with a detachable MMCX connector that swivels for increased comfort and durability. The over ear design keeps them securely in your ears and the cables behind your head. An available MP-BTA Bluetooth Adaptor allows you to “cut the cord” and use the Mackie MP 460 for on the go for hand’s free calling or wireless connectivity in studio or on stage.

Using the correct tips with your IEM is the key to sound isolation and a tight fit is key to a flat listening experience and overall bass response. Getting a good seal in your ear is a critical part of correctly using an IEM, and finding the right tip is key to a comfort and sound isolation. Included with the MP 460 are 4 different types of ear tips in a variety of different sizes so you can choose what works best for your ears to provide maximum comfort and sound isolation. Included with the MP 460 are Ear tip types in foam, silicone, wide-bore silicone, and triple flange in small, medium, and large sizes.

Mackie’s strategic partnership with Knowles has resulted in a technological leap forward and helped Mackie to develop a class leading range of IEMs at affordable prices. The MP 460 is Lightweight, small, unobtrusive, and capable of highly accurate sound reproduction across a wide range of musical styles. As with all Mackie products, maximizing value is a key consideration and Mackie in their typical style did not take any shortcuts in designing and delivering the MP460. Accessories with the MP 460 include an extensive selection of ear Tips in a variety of designs and materials, a hard molded travel case, a Gold-plated 1/8” to 1/4" adapter, Additional braided cable with in-line remote, cleaning tool and cleaning cloth.

Mackie’s MP 460 is a professional level IEM suitable for studio and stage work. The quad balanced armature design will translate into accurate mixes and sound reproduction in the studio and allow you hear the full sonic range and nuances of whatever musical style you are working with on stage. Used with the correct ear tips, the MP 460 delivers a great listening experience across the entire frequency spectrum.

The Mackie MP 460 is available now for MAP $499 Find out more at mackie.com