The Drums Concert

The Drums at the Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood, CA

Jonny Pierce, lead singer of the indie band The Drums, centered his microphone on the stage, looked past the blinding spotlight and into the enthusiastic crowd. As the fans’ cheers subsided, Pierce told a story of when he almost decided to quit music. His inspiration had fizzled and he felt lost.

Although the band was formed on the East Coast, it was his move to Southern California that sparked his love for music again. Pierce said that since then, it has been the fans who have kept the band going for so many years. This resulted in the crowd erupting in cheers as The Drums began to play their next song.

The Drums began their show at the Palladium in Hollywood, CA, with their silhouettes against a deep blue backdrop. Once the audience heard the upbeat guitar chords of the song “Days” from the album Portamento, they roared, jumped and bobbed their heads, losing themselves in Pierce’s hypnotic performance.

Pierce has a unique way of performing, which involves him walking across the stage while allowing his hands and hips to sway in smooth movements, almost mimicking those of gentle waves. This technique works perfectly with the band’s songs since most of them have a mellowed-out beach feel to them. His movements also allow for the audience to remain engaged with not only him but the band as well, throughout the entirety of the show.

The setlist included a variety of songs ranging from the band’s self-titled debut album such as “Best Friend” and “Let’s Go Surfing” to newer songs like “Brutalism” and “Body Chemistry” from their latest album Brutalism. Although the setlist was mixed, the audience responded in the same enthusiastic way at the beginning of each song. This was especially evident during the performance of the song “Mirror,” when, as soon as Pierce sang the opening line, all started to jump in unison. During the second verse, one of the audience members even began to crowd surf across the sea of people.

Both The Drums and the audience fed off each other’s electrifying energy, which allowed for the show to become an overall success. Following the show was a signing where members of the audience were able to meet the band as well as get some of their merchandise signed by them.