Taylor Guitars Pledges 300 Guitars to Little Kids Rock to Foster Music Education Across US

Taylor Guitars, a leading manufacturer of acoustic and electric guitars, has announced a donation pledge of 300 guitars to Little Kids Rock, the leading provider of music education and free instruments to public school children in under-served communities across the United States. Little Kids Rock currently serves nearly 110,000 children with weekly rock and pop-oriented music lessons on donated instruments.

"Little Kids Rock is so grateful to Taylor Guitars for investing in our children's creativity," says Little
Kids Rock founder and executive director David Wish. "Music changes children, and children change the world. Because of Taylor Guitars, many more children will get the chance to leave their mark on the world!"

The Taylor guitars will be distributed to schools across the nation and are expected to benefit thousands of K-12 school children. On April 5, the first 40 of the 300 donated guitars were unveiled at PS 34/Franklin Delano Roosevelt Academy in New York City. These 40 are being distributed to schools across the city, and the rest of the 300 are being donated to schools across the country. The students at PS 34 were ecstatic at the opportunity for guitar instruction.

"Little Kids Rock and Taylor Guitars share a mutual affinity for fostering creativity through music education," shared Kurt Listug, CEO and Co-Founder of Taylor Guitars. "Through our gift, we're honored to enrich the lives of today's students and tomorrow's leaders."

Taylor Guitars has a rich history of partnering with leading organizations to benefit music education, including the San Diego Music Foundation, which led to the development of the Taylor Guitars for Schools program. Since 2001, the program has placed over 2,000 guitars in San Diego schools and, by all estimates, benefited over 40,000 school-aged children.

To view a video of the guitar presentation, please click the image below: