Tascam Announces Release of Mic Adapter for Mirrorless Cameras

TASCAM today announced the CA-AK1 conversion adapters for the for CA-XLR2d Series XLR Microphone Adapter for Mirrorless Cameras. The CA-AK1 conversion adapter allows one CA-XLR2d to connect to cameras from various manufacturers. By replacing one’s existing CA-XLR2d adapter with the new CA-AK1 conversion adapter, users have more options for connecting to a greater assortment of cameras.

The new CA-AK1 conversion adapters are available in three varieties:

  • CA-AK1-C:        shoe mount adapter for use with Canon cameras and the CA-XLR2d-C
  • CA-AK1-F:        shoe mount adapter for use with Fujifilm cameras and the CA-XLR2d-F
  • CA-AK1-AN:     cold shoe mount adapter for an analog connection with the CA-XLR2d-AN

The new CA-AK1-C and CA-AK1-F conversion adapters enable professional audio via TASCAM microphone preamplifiers to interface with mirrorless Canon and select Fujifilm cameras. The CA-XLR2d-AN for Nikon cameras is an analog unit. With the new CA-AK1-AN cold shoe mount adapter, Nikon cameras—and those from other manufacturers that are equipped with an analog 1/8th-inch input—can be used using an analog audio cable from the CA-XLR2d-AN analog out.

Paul Youngblood, TASCAM Director of Product Marketing, commented on the new CA-AK1 conversion adapters, “The CA-AK1 adapters are a terrific choice for photographers and videographers to get greater use from their CA-XLR2d Series investment. Whereas the original CA-XLR2d Series units were designed for specific camera models from Canon, Fujifilm, and Nikon, the new CA-AK1 adapters make it easy to expand the number of cameras one can use with high quality audio capability. With these new adapters, a person who has been using the CA-XLR2d with a Canon camera can, for example, purchase the new CA-AK1-F shoe mount adapter and easily connect it to a Fujifilm camera. Since most professional photographers and videographers typically have more than one camera, these new adapters open the door to more creative options.”

The new TASCAM CA-AK1-C and CA-AK1-F conversion adapters ship with connector and interface connector covers, 2 adapter attachment screws, an Owner’s Manual including warranty, and important safety instructions. The CA-AK1-AN cold shoe mount adapter ships with an interface connector cover, 2 adapter attachment screws, an Owner’s Manual including warranty, and important safety instructions.

The new TASCAM CA-AK1 conversion adapters are expected to be available Q4, 2022.