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Have you ever imagined learning how to make beautiful piano beats without having to study conventional music theory? This course presents the basics of producing awesome beats using piano chords, scales, notes and various improvisation techniques played in a beat-making environment. Start improving your piano skills as a beatmaker and keep yourself motivated to create extremely catchy loops by taking this free course now. Check out the course and improve your musical abilities.

The ability to properly structure a beat to give the singer a clear framework for their vocal performance cannot be understated. If you are a complete amateur with no prior expertise on how to make a beat, the essentials of music theory presented in this course will guide you on how the piano works and introduce the fundamentals of beat making. Alternatively, if you are already a beat maker, the material will offer you a deeper understanding of piano chords and scales, counting beats, different rhythms and a variety of tools and techniques that will add fullness to your compositions. The course begins by illustrating the fundamentals of piano and the use of basic keynotes to build a solid knowledge base. You will explore a detailed walkthrough of C major and minor scales and the visualization of music production concepts for beat making through demonstrative video-based lessons.


To enroll visit: https://alison.com/course/piano-improvisation-for-music-production