Studio Mix: June 2021


Thank God 4 Cody

Grammy nominated, multi-platinum producer and artist ThankGod4Cody locks in at 4th Street Recording Studio in Santa Monica, CA, with assistant Samuel Robertson, working on his upcoming project, following his 2019 EP, Cody of Nazareth.



Chering is Caring

Punk starlet Cher Strauberry’s debut solo album, Chering Is Caring (released June 18 on Silver Arrow Records) plays out like an immersive alt-zine, meets a DIY punk show, meets an audio diary, recorded nearly entirely on a Walkman and microcassette player. Even more punk rock, Strauberry became the first trans female pro-skateboarder and has a board on display at the Smithsonian.



Michael Moritz Nugen Setup

In the midst of the pandemic, acclaimed record producer, music director and music supervisor, Michael J. Moritz found himself immersed in music production and dialogue mixing for virtual live event broadcasts. In order to best serve these projects, Moritz says he turns to Nugen Audio LM-Correct, Upmix, Stereoizer and MasterCheck plug-ins.


Emily Lazar is Moving the Needle

Grammy-winning mastering engineer, Emily Lazar, has launched a nonprofit, We Are Moving the Needle, to increase the number of women audio engineers and producers. A 2020 Omcusion Initiative study has shown only 2% of producers and engineers across popular music are women. Lazar, nominated for Album of the Year working with Coldplay, HAIM and Jacob Collier, aims to empower women through education, equipment and mentorship.

Split Single: Amplificado Aficionados

Indie-rock band Split Single is made up of members and founders of the celebrated Superchunk, Bob Mould Band and R.E.M. Led by Jason Narducy, the newest release with Inside Outside Records, Amplificado, is high-energy catharsis to combat pandemic anxiety. Pictured in Steve Albini’s Chicago studio, Electrical Audio, (l-r): Mike Mills (bass/backing vocals), Jason Narducy (guitar/vocals) and Jon Wurster (drums).

Flowers for Mat Kearney

Mat Kearney’s latest LP, January Flower, was written and recorded between Joshua Tree and his home studio in Nashville. The album finds Kearney returning to his stripped-down songwriting roots, working with producer and longtime collaborator Robert Marvin. “It was about what kind of music I really wanted to hear right now,” Kearney says of January Flower.


Rami Yacoub One More Time

Decades after co-writing Britney Spears’ career-making “...Baby One More Time” and other chart-topping songs, producer Rami Yacoub has collaborated with NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, One Direction, Nicki Minaj, Tiesto, AVICII, Madonna, Ed Sheeran, The Weeknd, and many others. His recent work with Lady Gaga on Chromatica was recognized with two Grammy nominations. Yacoub has integrated the Dirac Live room correction software into his studio setup, and he describes it as a “game-changer” for creating higher-quality mixes and edits.