Staying Healthy as a Musician: One Player's Story

Nashville-based bassist for hire Dean Moore has had plenty of hours as a session and live sideman. He has lugged plenty of back-breakingly heavy amps and speakers in his day and he has plenty of insights to share with you about his recent experiences getting health care...

"As far as anybody can tell, there’s nothing drastically wrong with me.

'Anybody,' in this instance, refers to my primary care doctor, my neurologist, my physical therapist, my behavioral therapist, my other behavioral therapist (I’m in the getting-to-know-you phase with the behavioral therapists), my acupuncturist, my friend’s nurse practitioner wife and all my other friends.

That’s who all I’ve cycled through over the last two months while trying to figure out what the hell a particular ailment that I’ve been experiencing since around Thanksgiving might be..."

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