SoundExchange Q2 Report

SoundExchange Digital Radio Report: $212 million distributed in Q2

SoundExchange continues to show strong growth with Q2 2019 up year-over-year. For the second quarter of 2019, they distributed $212.2 million in payments of sound recording performance royalties to 27,885 payees. This represents a 1.7 percent increase in distributions over the second quarter of 2018.

More News from SoundExchange: 

SoundExchange kicked off the first show in their Summer Rooftop Concert Series with Lincoln Durham, Texas-born and bred “Southern-Gothic Psycho-Blues Revival-Punk One-Man-Band with a heavy amped edge.” After he hit the stage in their Washington, D.C. office, Lincoln sat down for an interview about his musical beginnings playing the fiddle, his experience creating his own instruments and how his sound has evolved.

In an interview with Music Tectonics podcast host Dmitri Vietze, SoundExchange President and CEO Michael Huppe took a deep dive into how SoundExchange is helping to build a more fair and efficient music industry by streamlining the use and availability of music data and advocating on behalf of music creators.

Huppe emphasized the importance of having better centralization of data on music ownership, stating: “Only by developing a collective and standard approach to data will our industry be able to accurately account for ownership—and therefore payment—for the exploding music consumption across digital streaming services.”

Huppe also explained how the Music Modernization Act (MMA) was a “watershed moment” for the industry, helping remove the friction that has been holding the industry back and establishing entities like the Mechanical Licensing Collective (MLC) that will help streamline payments to songwriters and publishers.