Songwriting Contest

Imsta Festa Songwriting Competition

IMSTA has introduced the IMSTA FESTA Songwriting Contest conducted and hosted by partner Broadjam. This contest is an annual affair that will provide aspiring and established songwriters the opportunity to have their creative pieces heard by industry professionals. You can write songs in any genre and with or without lyrics. This is the environment to learn, network and connect with the professionals.

Dates and Locations:

• IMSTA FESTA LA – May 16 – SAE Institute [submission deadline April 25]

• IMSTA FESTA CHI – July 25 – SAE Institute [submission deadline July 4]

• IMSTA FESTA NY – Sept. 26 – SAE Institute [submission deadline Sept. 5]

• IMSTA FESTA TOR – Oct. 17 – Ryerson University [submission deadline Sept. 26]

All song entries per region will be distilled into a top three using Broadjam’s blind listening peer review mechanism. This competition runs throughout 2015 with four separate regional drawings that are linked to each scheduled IMSTA FESTA. The top three finalists will be heard at a judging panel at each IMSTA FESTA. All finalists will be asked to be present for judging, if they are not, an alternate will be put in their place. Judges will listen to finalists’ creations and pick the regional winner at IMSTA FESTA and will receive a prize, with over $15,000 in prizes.  Prize selection includes:

• Native Instruments Komplete
• Arturia V Collection
• SONY Audio Mastering Suite
• Celemony Melodyne Editor
• Steinberg Wavelab
• FabFilter Pro-Q 2
• McDSP Emerald Pack Native

At the end of 2015, the four 1st place winners from each IMSTA FESTA will enter for the Grand Prize from which, the winning “Song of the Year” will be selected. The Grand Prize winner, in addition to prizes, will win a free trip to a songwriting camp hosted by Black Rock Studios in Santorini Greece, which is attended by talented songwriters in the world.


Songs must be submitted through Broadjam website or via imsta.org.

Each song entry must be contestant's original creation. Songs should not exceed five minutes in length (5:00). Entries may have co-writer[s], but one name must be designated per entry.

To enter this contest you must be a registered member of Broadjam at any level of membership, including free membership. Contestants new to Broadjam receive one free song entry and a six-month trial Broadjam Film/TV membership ($50 value). Current (as of the contest start date) paid Broadjam members receive two free song entries, while existing free Broadjam members will receive one free entry. Multiple entries are permitted. Each additional song will cost $20.00 USD (Fees are non-refundable).

Employees of IMSTA, Broadjam and our Sponsors, their families, subsidiaries, and affiliates are not eligible.

Songs will be judged based on melody, composition, originality and lyrics (where applicable).

Prizes will be awarded jointly to all authors of any song; division of prizes is responsibility of winners.

Entry files must be uploaded as an MP3. Broadjam or IMSTA is not responsible for any corrupt files you may submit. Any and all corrupt files will be deleted without notification to you.

All complete entries for this contest must be submitted by 11:59 PM Central Standard Time (or, if being observed, Central Daylight Time) on the final submission deadlines of the contest.

All entries are final and irrevocable. Once you have submitted an entry for this contest you may not withdraw the entry or request to change the category, genre or other division you chose for the entry.

For more information and to enter, visit imsta.org.