SONA Amplifies Songwriter Voices With New Leadership Positions

SONA (Songwriters of North America),  the closest thing songwriters and composers have to a union in the United States, announced a new developments in leadership and expansion. Despite tremendous strides in how songwriters are paid from digital audio streaming, existential threats to their livelihood continue. In order to address the growing needs, while maintaining their independent, by-songwriters-for-songwriters voice, SONA is announcing a major expansion in the SONA-verse structure, with the addition of new, key leadership positions as well as the creation of a SONA chapter in New York.

SONA and The SONA Foundation are sister organizations with separate Boards and missions, which will both be overseen by now CEO, Michelle Lewis, and newly appointed COO, Kellie Brown. Stepping into the Executive Director position at SONA will be longtime creator, and creator-advocate, Erin McAnally, who will be overseeing SONA’s advocacy, membership and educational initiatives. Linda Bloss-Baum joins the Board and has been retained to lend her expertise in policy and government affairs, and Camus Celli will also join the board to lead the new New York chapter and head SONA’s growth efforts on the east coast.

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work with and build upon the strong foundation laid by such formidable advocates who work to protect and lift up songwriting as a profession. SONA provides a powerful nexus where advocacy, education, and songwriting meet, and the organization wholly aligns with so many of my life’s passions.” - Erin McAnally (Executive Director, SONA)

“SONA’s original co-founders and I believe, as we grow from a friend-group of songwriters and composers advocating for our rights to an established, sustainable trade association and advocacy group, our most important, defining characteristic is that we remain creator-led. So, in selecting my successor, we looked for someone with a policy brain and a creator heart. I’m so happy and grateful to have found that unique combination in Erin McAnally. In addition, we have always imagined our growth would lead us to having a presence in DC and NY. It took eight years of hard work and growing pains to get here, but we are so excited to reach this goal! Welcome to the SONA-verse Camus and Linda!” - Michelle Lewis (Chief Executive Officer, SONA/The SONA Foundation) 

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