Solid State Logic Launch PURE DRIVE QUAD and OCTO Microphone Preamps

Solid State Logic (SSL) has announced the launch of two new 2U rack-based studio tools: the PURE DRIVE QUAD and PURE DRIVE OCTO microphone preamplifiers. These preamplifiers are available in 4-channel (QUAD) or 8-channel (OCTO) configurations, and both incorporate SSL's SuperAnalogue PureDrive™ Technology, which was initially introduced by the company's acclaimed ORIGIN recording console. Additionally, these units feature a newly introduced DRIVE mode, comprehensive analog and digital connectivity options and an integrated USB-C soundcard. SSL's latest offerings represent some of the most feature-rich outboard microphone preamplifiers on the market, introducing a host of new sonic possibilities and workflows for the discerning producer and recording engineer.

SSL's contemporary-classic recording console, ORIGIN, introduced the PureDrive™ microphone preamplifier. This innovative preamp retains the clarity and punch of previous SSL designs while offering the added versatility of switching its character to a warm, harmonically rich, and driven tone that varies with gain. The PureDrive™ microphone preamp has become an essential tool in many prestigious studios and recording facilities due to its flexibility and superb sonic signature. PURE DRIVE QUAD and OCTO continue the legacy into rack format, delivering four/eight microphone preamps with ORIGIN’s renowned PURE and DRIVE modes, but take it further, adding a new ‘Asymmetric’ Drive, comprehensive  digital connectivity, and an onboard USB-C interface. PURE DRIVE QUAD and OCTO also offer four mic preamp input impedance options, enabling engineers to explore various tonal possibilities or match the Mic Pre's impedance closely to the microphone. Additionally, each mic pre includes independent +48V phantom power, polarity inversion, and a High Pass Filter, which is sweepable on QUAD.

The PURE DRIVE QUAD and OCTO offer a collection of features and workflows never seen before in an outboard mic pre." stated Andy Jackson, – Senior Product Manager - Studio Products " They stand as a testament to SSL's commitment to progressive analogue circuit design, offering exceptional performance and versatility.”

SSL's new PURE DRIVE QUAD and OCTO preamplifiers are priced at £833/ $1399 / €1,229.00 (excluding VAT) and £1499 / $2499 / €1,829.00 (excluding VAT) respectively. For more information or to learn more, visit SSL at AES NY 2023 [Booth 824] or the SSL product page at:

PURE DRIVE OCTO: solidstatelogic.com/products/puredriveocto

PURE DRIVE QUD: solidstatelogic.com/products/puredrivequad