Solid State Logic Expands SSL Production Packs

Solid State Logic has expanded its renowned SSL Production Pack offering, which is included with every SSL 2 / SSL 2+ audio interface. ​ The SSL Production Pack delivers an extended range of creative possibilities and production tools for budding musicians, content creators and seasoned engineers. 
Additions to the SSL Production Pack include 3-month trials of industry standard correctional and creative tool Antares Autotune ‘Unlimited’ as well as the inspiring and highly acclaimed, Output ‘Arcade’. Finally, also included is a 3-month SSL Complete subscription, providing full access to Solid State Logic's entire suite of class-leading plug-ins, including the new 4K B Channel Strip. 

The new software additions make the SSL Production Pack even more compelling, adding to an impressive existing roster of offerings from Applied Acoustic Systems, Ableton, Celemony, Loop Cloud, IK Multimedia, Native Instruments. Also included in the bundle are perpetual license of SSL’s mix favourites Vocalstrip 2 and Drumstrip Plug-ins.  

Both new and existing SSL 2/2+ customers can access the enhanced SSL Production Pack through their registered 2/2+ accounts. SSL user accounts portal can be accessed here: ​