Album Review: Glenn Mercer- "Incidental Hum" (8/10)

Post-punk cult band The Feelies were
 known to throw hip and canny covers into 
their sets, from The Velvets to The Beatles 
and Stones. Here Feelie Glenn Mercer pays 
tribute to the classic Eno LP Another Green
 World. He’s taken its Fripp-style guitar fuzz
 and the Eno keyboard sounds and crafted
 15 instrumentals. The first 12 tunes are all place-named––“Mobile” has 
a bluesy R&B groove, “Yuma” and “Laramie” a spaghetti-western feel, and on “Hermosa” it’s surf-rock, and so on. Covers include, of course, an Eno instro (“Here Come The Warm Jets”). This is all nicely produced and played, and begs to be used in your next movie!

Score: 8 out of 10

Glenn Mercer
Incidental Hum
Bar/None Records
Producer: Glenn Mercer