BeatBuddy partners guitar over guns

BeatBuddy Partners with Guitars Over Guns

BeatBuddy has partnered with Guitars Over Guns (GOGO) to help the talented young musicians who are part of the non-profit organization.

GOGO is designed to engage youth through teaching music, dance and visual arts. It is called "Guitars Over Guns" as it encourages young musicians to stay in school avoiding gang membership in at-risk areas.

“We are thrilled about working with the BeatBuddy, as the product excites our students about the music making process and inspires them to learn on their own,” said GOGO Co-Founder and CEO Chad Bernstein. “What truly makes this partnership even more special, is seeing the passion that the Singular Sound team has for elevating our students’ love for the arts.”

The BeatBuddy will allow Guitars Over Guns’ students of any musical style to enhance their skills.

“Guitars Over Guns works with kids who are just starting out on their musical journey and we are really excited to introduce the BeatBuddy to their students,” said David Packouz, Chief Executive Officer of Singular Sound. “We are incredibly proud that our invention will impact the lives of young people by making them better musicians and inspiring them to continue pursuing their musical passion.”

With this partnership, Singular Sound seeks to offer at-risk youth additional opportunities to channel their talents. With the addition of the BeatBuddy, students can now look forward to a more fun and advanced way of learning music.

For more information, visit mybeatbuddy.com/GuitarsOverGuns.