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Balancing her inherent hard edge with a pop-hook sensibility, singer/songwriter Meg Myers has made an impact on audiences thanks to her ability to deliver kinetic live performances. Touring now to promote her 2015 full-length album Sorry, Myers made her presence known most recently with two searing sets at the Coachella Festival in the desert of southern California.     

What makes you a better singer today than when you started?
That I’m not going through puberty anymore.

What are the greatest challenges you’ve faced as a singer?
Getting a good monitor mix live.

Have you had any formal vocal coaching? What effect did it have?
When I was nine I took vocal lessons for a few months from Jean Holden in Toledo, Ohio. The last couple years I’ve worked with Eric Vetro. I’ve learned so many amazing warm-ups and techniques. He has also helped me so much with just letting go and not holding back. He’s like my vocal Buddha.

How do you warm up your vocal cords before a performance?
I do the vocal warm-ups that Eric has taught me, usually from my phone. I also make sure to sing every day leading up to performances to keep my vocal cords strong. Throat Coat is a great tea to drink before performing as well. And I just make sure to stay hydrated in general.

What are your diet do’s and don’ts?
I try to stay away from too much sugar. I eat veggies and protein and fruit. Before singing I stay away from spicy foods and too much dairy. This is all kinda hard to do for me on the road though.

How do you shake out any stage jitters?
I usually take a shot or two of something more on the clear side, or I have a glass of white wine. Sometimes I try and meditate or listen to something inspiring. I never go out and feel ready to perform though. My tour manager comes to get me and I’m like fuck, and then I go onstage and I’m like... Shit... Here goes.

Are you loyal to specific types and brands of microphones and in-ear monitors? If so, which ones?
Right now I use Ultimate in-ears, and I don’t even remember the name of my microphone at the moment, but I like it. Whatever it is.
What are a few of your favorite all-time recordings or performances by other singers, and why?
Harry Nilsson “Without You”; Sinead O’Connor “Nothing Compares”; John Lennon “Mother.” All of these, just so painful and beautiful.
Also love that Future Islands performance [of “Seasons (Waiting on You)”] on Letterman.  I was just watching that last night.

What are your favorite personal performances of yours, live and studio?
I sang that Michael Jackson song that was in Free Willy in the shower today and it sounded pretty good. •

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