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Signing Story: Miesa

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Although not love at first sight, Miesa's relationship with Siri Music Group prospered after a few casual and unintimidating encounters with label head, Chauncy Jackson. Initially, the 24-year-old singer rejected any thoughts of ever being tied down. But Jackson persevered, knowing that nurturing Miesa’s refreshingly soulful voice was worth the extra effort. “I just wanted to do my own thing––be independent and have that freedom to do what I like to do,” she explains. “But we got to know each other and better see how this could all work out. I felt comfortable, and we just became friends from there.”

And with that, a demo originally intended for Kelly Rowland (and produced by the Chemistri) soon became Miesa’s first hit single, “Blame My Ex.” Before joining Siri Music Group, most members of Miesa’s team (despite such talent and promising success) were already dedicated to “real life” obligations and responsibilities, hindering her true vision and potential. But with less outside conflicts and distractions, a rewarding music career finally seems attainable.

Don’t ever look past a good opportunity.

“I needed that push. I didn’t want to give too much, but the label keeps me grounded and focused while still supporting my creativity. I’m so used to making my own schedule and doing my own thing, but now I have to put more thought into those decisions. That’s the craziest part.”

Miesa is now prepared to face the industry as an up-and-coming businesswoman, willing to learn all the necessary ropes: “I love the challenge––I’m wiser now and want to make myself better by taking on that responsibility. It’ll benefit my goals and peace of mind––I’m always growing towards becoming a stronger person. With more understanding, I can actually help the process along so that people can better do things the way that I need.”

So, any thoughts looking back on that first “music date” with Jackson? “Don’t ever look past a good opportunity,” she advises. “Believe in yourself, even if you don’t have a good understanding of what you want to do. Just do it, and eventually there will be balance.”

Miesa is currently recording her debut album.

Photo by Arturo Alcala

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