Signing Story: Megan Moroney

Date Signed: November 2022

Label: Sony Music Nashville / Columbia Records

Type of Music: Country

Management: Juli Griffith and Hayley Corbett, [email protected]

Booking: [email protected]

Legal: Judith A. Ricci, [email protected]

Publicity: Jensen Sussman, [email protected]

Web: meganmoroney.com, instagram.com/megmoroney

A&R: Taylor Lindsey and Julian Swirsky

When country artist Megan Moroney pulled into Nashville three years ago, it was as if she leapt from her U-Haul directly onto the stage. The seasoned singer-songwriter arrived with a degree in music business from the University of Georgia in one hand and a completed internship with artist and producer Kristian Bush in the other. Founder and one-half of country duo Sugarland, Bush connected her with manager Juli Newton-Griffith. Moroney released her six-song EP Pistol Made of Roses last year and got herself on as many tours. During one of them, her single “Tennessee Orange” dropped and hit big.

“When I moved to Nashville, songwriting was my number-one priority,” the artist explains. “I also started to grow my social media. Last summer I released my EP Pistol Made of Roses independently so I could have a project out and start touring. I immediately got five label offers. But Spotify also offered to promote my single ‘Tennessee Orange’ through their Fresh Finds program, so I cut off all record deal talks. I knew that if I got serious with a label, it would take a long time and they’d want me to hold off on releasing my single. I wanted to get it out and then reconvene. As an independent artist, the most important thing is to keep the ball rolling; you need to put out good music consistently.

“Five days after ‘Tennessee Orange’ was released, it had a million streams,” Moroney continues. “Compared to my other numbers, it was pretty significant. It kept blowing up and I had around 20 record deal offers. Over the next two months I got to hand-pick my team and it’s been great.”

Bush produced Moroney’s Lucky, which dropped on May 5, the day after she played her first-ever arena show at Kansas City’s T-Mobile Center. The experience was both new and daunting for her. “It’s a whole different ballpark,” she observes. “I’ve never played these-sized venues. It’s been really enjoyable, but I was also more nervous. You look up [during a show] and say to yourself, ‘Wow, this is a lot of people.’ You feel really small.” 

Recently, Moroney completed her first sold-out headlining tour.

– Rob Putnam