NEW TOYS: D'Addario ProMark Nylon Brushes

ProMark Nylon Brushes have the feel, weight, and precise control and balance of a stick and the sound of a brush. ProMark Nylon Brushes have internal counterweights, a soft-touch handle, and feel like Rebound drumsticks. The premium-grade nylon bristles are fused tightly to ensure optimal playability and durability.

ProMark 5B and 2B are the two Nylon Brush sizes. A Light Nylon Brush 5B is best for delicate playing and gentle attack while the Heavy Nylon Brush 2B is for increased volume and a pronounced attack.

ProMark PMN5B Light Nylon Brushes 5B sell for $39.99 MSRP while the PMNB2B Heavy Nylon Brush 2B are also $39.99 MSRP a pair.