Signing Story: Hundred Round Kado

Date Signed: February 1, 2023

Label: WKRSHP Inc.

Type of Music: Rap

Management & Booking: Lee "Chilla" Gill / [email protected]

Publicity: Helio Public Relations / [email protected]

Legal: Biletsky Law Group / [email protected]

Web: www.instagram.com/hundredroundkado

A&R: Che' Pope / [email protected]

As a burgeoning artist, it helps having friends in high places. For Haitian-American rapper Hundred Round Kado (pronounced KAH-doe), his first connection was eight-time GRAMMY winner Malik Yusef. The producer introduced him to fellow lyric slayer Vic Mensa during a concert at Jay Z’s 4:44 Tour in 2017. “From there, I’ve stayed around,” explains the hustler, referencing his years-long association with Wyclef Jean and others at Roc Nation.

Eventually, one of his freestyle raps went viral. Mensa was among those who shared it, leading WRKSHP Inc. owner Che Pope to catch wind of his style. Interest piqued, Pope visited Hundred Round Kado in Boston on the day before Thanksgiving. Since the newcomer is currently on house arrest, the meeting couldn’t have happened the other way around.

Speaking of which, Hundred Round Kado was born in a Miami prison, and he’s spent much of his life behind bars. Regardless, he’s determined to rise above his past. In addition to expanding his mind through literature and pursuing a career in entertainment, he has a hand in multiple businesses.

WRKSHP wasn’t the performer’s first music industry offer. Though he solicited the opinion of others, including the perspectives of Mensa and his publicist, he was comfortable making the decision independently. “I just followed my heart,” the artist formerly known as Ricky Gramz claims. “I was basically letting everybody know this is what I was about to do.”

One element that made the agreement a winner is that it isn’t a label signing, nor is it a development deal. It’s something new. In addition to one-on-one attention, the contract’s terms allow for pursuing other situations.

Even as Hundred Round Kado was in the midst of negotiations, he continually pursued projects. Maintaining an active hand in his career gave him the confidence to be selective. Thus, he advises others to do the same. “Just because you have an offer today,” warns the street poet, “don’t mean it couldn’t change tomorrow.”