Signing Story: Corey Harper

Date Signed: April 19, 2022

Label: Range Music

Type of Music: Pop-Rock

Management: Jordan Dettmer and Matthew Graham - Range MP

Booking: CAA

Legal: Charley Londoño

Publicity: Jaclyn Ullman, Sarah Haberfeld and Katie Nelson - Grandstand


A&R: N/A

Seven years ago, a pop-rock/acoustic singer named Corey Harper signed a management deal with an up-and-coming pupil from Scooter Braun’s enterprise by the name of Matt Graham. In the years that followed, their trajectory up the ranks of the music world practically mirrored one another as Corey performed original tracks such as “Blind” and Matt helped navigate the business side of things, to the tune of one EP and two full-length albums. 

The unshakable bond that they formed during Graham’s presidential tenure at BRND MGMT is the primary reason why Harper decided to follow him to his next music business venture with Range Media Partners. “When Matt had the opportunity to take what we built together and mold it into Range [Music], it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for us both in our careers,” Harper says. “We were so glad to be equipped with more firepower and amazing team members who wanted to be a part of what we were doing [and] also take it to a new level. I would follow Matt anywhere, honestly.” 

Harper’s decision to join Graham at Range Music was highly influenced by his talent manager, Jordy Dettmer, who was the first person to inform him about the new development and the favorable opportunities that the venture could present him with. Dettmer’s intuition has already paid dividends for Harper as Range Music has provided the Portland native with a litany of experienced team members who have been essential in the making of his upcoming album and the way in which a marketing plan for the project will be presented to the public.  

“Range was very instrumental in how the music came together in a lot of ways,” Harper explains. “I had a lot of songs written and recorded, but without my team, I wouldn’t have had the ability to let it be received in the most impactful way. There are so many creative and talented people in the Range community and I have been lucky enough to be connected with people who have helped me market myself and my music in a way that is intrinsic to my personality and that’s been a huge relief when it comes to releasing music.” 

The new partnership between Corey Harper and Range Music has boasted two single releases, thus far. “Pin Razor” dropped in June and the follow-up single, “2 Tickets,” was released in July. Harper’s debut album with Range Music is due out in September.