Caly Bevier

Signing Story: Caly Bevier

After a cancer diagnosis at 15, Caly Bevier turned to music to comfort herself through her chemotherapy, and ended up using her voice to comfort others. A spontaneous Facebook video post of Bevier singing a cover of “Fight Song” was seen by a hospital parent, who then asked her to perform at a benefit to support her young son’s treatment. “I wasn’t thinking about the performance or what it might do for me at all. I was just in the moment trying to give something from my heart to help lift up that little boy.”

A video of Bevier’s performance at the fundraising event went viral almost overnight and, while her eye may not have been on where the performance could take her, a mutual friend in the cancer fundraising community introduced her to her management team. A performance on the Ellen Degeneres show and an audition on America’s Got Talent pushed her to get noticed, especially after receiving praise from Simon Cowell.

“I had given up on the idea of succeeding in music.”

With momentum building, management advised her to move to Los Angeles. “Being a small town girl,” Bevier says, ”I had given up on the idea of succeeding in music and was planning to move to New York to work in the fashion business. It wasn’t until appearing on AGT that I saw myself going somewhere.” Manager Chris Maltese said in a phone call, “I knew she had a fantastic voice and the potential to grow into a real artist, and that excited me.”

With her single-song mastering deal with BMG and the release of her sophomore single, “Hate U Sometimes,” on May 10, 2019, Bevier retains the option for a second song release, as well as full publishing rights, while having marketing and promotion costs covered. Ira Sallen from BMG shared, “She has a compelling backstory, is an absolute sweetheart and, most importantly, has a great voice.”

Bevier’s advice to fellow artists is to “make strong connections with the fans you have at the very beginning. They will follow you through all your highs and lows, so make sure to let them know how much you appreciate them. They will be the most willing to share your music and watch you grow.” – Andrea Beenham

Date Signed: December 2018

Label: BMG

Type of Music: Pop

Management: Chris Maltese - Primary Wave, [email protected]

Booking: N/A

Legal: Michael Reinert - Fox Rothchild

Publicity: Mike Gowen - Milestone Publicity, [email protected]

Web: calybevierofficial.com

A&R: N/A