Brynn Elliott

Signing Story: Brynn Elliott

Move over, banal YouTube sensations: a young talent with actual depth has finally arrived.

In May, 23-year-old Brynn Elliott graduated from Harvard University, where she studied philosophy and wrote a 60-page thesis on British female philosophers from the 1600s. Now, the scholar is already gearing up for her first EP of music through Atlantic Records.

As the first member of her family to graduate from college, Elliott’s story could not be more inspiring. With Time of Our Lives, she is paying it forward by inspiring young women with five songs based around feminist philosophy.

Elliott and Grammy Award-winning producer Nathan Chapman “wrote the whole EP about my experience at school,” she said. “I wrote a 60-page thesis no one is going to read. I’m not an evangelist for philosophy. I’m interested in making an accessible thing.”

The pop singer-songwriter musician is already adept at connecting with audiences. During her summers and weekends, she logged more than 250 concerts with Alanis Morissette, Brandi Carlile and Grace Potter, among others. Elliott is especially proud to be launching her career backed by a team that consists primarily of women.

One of the key members of Elliott’s posse is Carla Wallace, co-owner of Nashville-based music publishing and artist development company Big Yellow Dog Music. Last October, when Elliott was actively courting labels, she connected with Wallace, who had heard some of Elliott’s material and quickly brought her into the Atlantic family (which partners with Big Yellow Dog).

“It was a whirlwind thing,” Elliott recalled. “When I walked into the room and sat down, it became all very clear to me that Atlantic is into real artists and finding what makes the artists tick,” she said, noting Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran.

The rest of the world will find out what makes Elliott tick––and maybe learn a thing or two about Heidegger––when Time of Our Lives arrives on Sept. 7. They’ll also see her on Live with Kelly and Ryan three weeks later.

“This year has been my dream year,” Elliott says. “My parents weren’t even able to go to college. I keep asking myself, ‘Is this really happening?’”

Date Signed: January 2018
Label: Big Yellow Dog/Atlantic Records
Band Members: Brynn Elliott
Type of Music: Pop
Management: Bruce Flohr, Katie Hoaldridge - Red Light Management
Booking: Kasey McKee - CAA
Legal: Aaron Romanello
Publicity: [email protected]
A&R: Pete Ganbarg - Atlantic Records