Signing Story: BED

Date Signed: July 25, 2022

Label: Wiretap Records

Band Members: Ebed “bed” Moreno, vocals, guitar; Nathan Gameros, guitar; Joel Lazcano, bass; Axel Alba, drums

Type of Music: Alternative/Shoegaze/Dreampunk

Publicity: Mike Cubillos - Earshot Media

Web: thatbandbed.com

A&R: Rob Castellon - Wiretap Records

When Ebed Moreno began performing solo with nothing but a guitar and laptop, his backyard appearances met with surprising popularity. Audience demand compelled him to piece together a proper group. The singer, nicknamed “bed,” titled the act after himself. 

Playing formal venues unearthed an intriguing opportunity: touring with one of Moreno’s favorite artists, Beach Goons. These shows further expanded BED’s reach. The shoegaze rockers also spent time recording at Pale Moon Studios, now known as Pale Moon Ranch. They then got their self-funded debut onto platforms like Spotify with an assist from DistroKid.

One day, Moreno started receiving direct messages from Rob Castellon, owner and operator of Wiretap Records. Castellon had heard their recording and wanted to express his appreciation for it. Moreno responded with his email address and subsequently heard nothing.

In time, Castellon returned, wanting to discuss Moreno’s vision for the future. “I want to take this as far as I can,” repeats the vocalist. “This is a dream, and I’ve got to put everything into it.” The head of the Whittier, CA-based indie label detected potential and subsequently put forth an offer.

Moreno consulted other bands in the SoCal area regarding their experiences with Wiretap. Their comments were nothing but positive. This step was especially helpful, as distance complicated having an in-person meeting. To further compensate, Moreno and Castellon spent significant time chatting over the phone. 

The band’s other members equally approved jumping aboard. The opportunity to maintain control of their music proved an irresistible incentive. Though a lawyer never reviewed the official paperwork, the manager of another artist scrutinized the document on their behalf. Says Moreno, “I read [the contract] front-to-back, memorized it, and made sure I knew what I was getting into.”

The singer advises artists seeking partners to remain patient. Concentrate on your craft rather than formulating business arrangements. “If your music is making waves, all that will come naturally,” he insists. “Just keep focusing on those waves.”

– Andy Kaufmann