Signing Story: 3Fortiori

Date Signed: Start of 2021

Label: NARS Records

Band Members: Feek, vocals; Wyatt, vocals

Type of Music: Hip-Hop/Rap

Management: Nicole Enos - NARS Records

Booking: Nicole Enos – NARS Records

Legal: Nicole Enos – NARS Records

Publicity: Trixie Richter – Coeur Communications

Web: 3fortiori.com

A&R: Marcella Araica – NARS Records

Floridian hip-hop duo 3Fortiori have been making music for roughly six years. In 2019, their song “Lasey” blew up on TikTok. Subsequently, they racked up over 30 million streams on the independent tip.

Their homegrown popularity drew the attention of engineer Marcella Araica, along with Grammy-winning producer Danja, whose clients include Britney Spears and Nelly Furtado. The pair began flying out West to have them mix and master their fresh creations. “It was an organic connection,” suggests Wyatt, one half of the hip-hop newcomers. “We started making music with them and building our relationship.”

A belief in the pair’s artistic vision made them want to sign with Danja’s outfit, NARS. “You can tell they love the music,” explains Feek, Wyatt’s yin to his yang. “We knew if we signed with NARS they would help elevate our sound.” Other offers had been on the table. Interscope, Def Jam, Columbia, and Warner all came calling, along with a variety of independents. None offered the same vibe as Danja and company. “We felt that support and love, that genuine care for our brand,” Wyatt insists. Besides creative control, their primary concern was working with honest brokers. “That’s really important for us, especially with us being a duo.”

Wyatt goes on to dissect why he believes NARS signed them. “I think they’re trying to find people who are unique,” the rapper surmises. “We’re not traditional artists only doing one thing. They liked that creativity about us.”

Although the signing process took time, 3Fortiori know the wait was worthwhile, as NARS has opened doors that normally would have remained sealed shut. For instance, they recently played during halftime at a Miami Heat game. “That was an amazing experience,” enthuses Feek. 

Their advice to those seeking a label home is to be patient and trust your gut. “The only person who can stop you from accomplishing what you want is you,” Wyatt dispenses. “There are people out there who aren’t given anything, and they still make something out of their lives. Just keep pushing and the world is yours.”

3Fortiori’s EP, At the Door, recently reached fans.