Attend A Vocal Clinic From Focusrite and Ramsey Voice Studio

On January 23, at 10am CT, Focusrite's John DiNicola and Founder of Ramsey Voice Studio, Matt Ramsey will host a livestream vocal clinic: "3 Natural Vocal Effects to Master Before You Record (even if you don't have a mike yet)."

Topics covered will include:

  1. The secret to getting a rich, warm vocal recording
  2. How to sing higher notes without straining
  3. The 3 most important vocal effects to master before your next recording


John DiNicola

John DiNicola is a Focusrite Novation Field Trainer // Product Specialist based out of New York City, supporting the brands both in the field and virtually through dealer staff training and public facing events. As an audio engineer and musician (guitar and vocals) for over 15 years, John is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience to help others learn about the latest music technology.


Matt Ramsey

Matt Ramsey teaches singing lessons using mixed voice techniques. Matt founded Ramsey Voice Studio in 2012 and is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and YouTuber. In his years teaching at Ramsey Voice Studio, Matt has helped develop singers in nearly every genre of music. From rock to pop, jazz to musical theater,   Whether you want to hit high notes without falsetto, get more control of your voice or gain confidence onstage, Matt believes that expert feedback and the right singing techniques can help anyone achieve their goals.

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