Signing Story: Repeat Repeat

Date Signed: April 25, 2017
Label: Dangerbird Records
Band Members: Jared Corder, lead vocals; Andy Herrin, drums; Krysten, vocals.
Type of Music: Alt-Pop/Indie Rock/Surf Pop
Management: [email protected]
Booking: [email protected]
Legal: Elizabeth Gregory - Mark Music & Media Law, [email protected]
Publicity: Sarah Facciolo, [email protected]
Web: repeatrepeatmusic.com
A&R: Jenni Sperandeo, Pres. of Dangerbird Records

After self-releasing an LP in 2014, in addition to singles, Nashville-based *repeat repeat realized that their surf/punk/pop sound would benefit from more exposure. “We had some radio play in Nashville,” says leadman Jared Corder, “And we realized that we needed to partner with someone who could have that excitement about radio. Jenni’s [Jenni Sperandeo, president of Silverlake, L.A.-based Dangerbird Records] background is in radio.” While based in Los Angeles, Dangerbird’s Sperandeo frequents music hotspots such as Nashville to seek out artists for her label.

“You meet so many dudes in the music business. We met a strong woman who is at the top of her game,” states Corder. “We really needed to partner with someone who would be able to build on the excitement from the airplay we were already receiving. We liked her as a person— that was important. Strong women are prevalent in our band. My wife sings and does all the graphic design for the band.”

"We needed to go to the next level with radio, promotion and distribution." 

After a few years of DIY, *repeat repeat knew that they could benefit from the assistance of a label. Providing a ready-to-go product was an asset in that effort. “We did all of the artwork, the recording, the graphic design, all out of pocket,” says Corder. “What we needed was the promo, the radio connections, and Jenni and Dangerbird offered that.” The band had received airplay not only in their adopted hometown of Nashville, but also in markets in the Midwest.

“Recording is what lasts when you’re dead,” says drummer Andy Herrin. “That’s what our producer said! I come from a punk rock background and recording was never a priority.” He adds that his attitude changed when joining *repeat repeat. “Jenni goes to all of the radio pitch meetings,” says Corder. “She can walk us into stations like [Los Angeles alt-rock station] KROQ. We needed to go to the next level with radio, promotion and distribution, and she can do that for us. She has a certain mindfulness, a nice touch.

The band will tour the east coast this summer, including appearances at several festivals.

Photo by: Jonathan Lingsbury

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