Signing Stories: Felly

Date Signed: August 20th, 2021

Label: 300 Entertainment

Type of Music: Hip-Hop/Alternative Rock

Management: Kerick Stevens

Booking: N/A

Legal: Avi Dahan, Boyarski Fritz

Publicity: Koko Black, [email protected] 

Web: fellymusic.com 

A&R: Az Cohen and Jeff Fenster

Hip-hop and alternative rock artist Felly had followed an independent career path prior to signing a deal with 300 Entertainment. Along the way, he was writing songs, developing his instrumental skills and fostering a network of working with fellow artists and friends. 

“When I started talking to 300 about a deal, I had to put a lot of my music on hold because I was trying to figure out how I would release it,” says Felly. “I was seven or eight years in the game, independently, at that point. This was all new to me. I was just dropping things off the hip as I was going along.” Prior to signing with 300 Entertainment, Felly was engaged in a 50/50 distribution deal with Sony. “I did two albums with Sony and that was sort of like dipping my toes in what a record deal would be like. But I still had my freedom and autonomy,” says Felly. 

Young Felly began his musical journey at USC where he formed his own vehicle, 2273 Records, with college friends Jake Stanley and Gyyps. As has been par for the course, with most of the blonde mop-haired artist’s endeavors, everything took off in very natural and organic fashion. “2273 was our dorm room number,” explains Felly. “We’d be in there creating beats, smoking weed and freestyling. Jake would film it and put it on the internet. That took off and we started to release singles as a soundtrack to what we were doing.” Through Felly’s association with Sony he was able to partner on songs with up-and-coming artists such as Jack Harlow and Ari Lennox, and living legend Carlos Santana. 

Between some high-profile tours, key features with the aforementioned artists and a general buzz throughout the hip-hop community, Felly found himself on the radar of 300 Entertainment and label rep Az Cohen. “Az reached out and immediately felt like a human being,” recalls Felly. “He wasn’t trying to finesse me. It felt more like a friend than a business play. I was able to vibe with him and there were enough synchronicities in our experiences where I felt I could trust this guy.”

Felly has recently put out his full-length debut album for 300 Entertainment called Young Fell #2.