SESAC Music Group: Shaping Rights Administration

SESAC Music Group, based in New York City, builds on the reputation of the storied SESAC Performing Rights organization to form a multi-line music company that can license a broad mix of music for almost any usage in any market at source. Across its four divisions, SESAC Music Group proves how a modern music company should embrace the entire industry, harnessing expertise in important market niches to achieve excellence, and at the same time, be everywhere in music. 

In addition to performing rights, one of the key sources of royalty income in the music business, SESAC Music Group’s divisions include Music Services, Church Music Resources, and Audiovisual Music. What unites them all: a focus on data, access, and client service to let creatives working a wide range of platforms do more with music.

“We provide critical services and business infrastructure for the music industry,” explains SESAC Music Group Chairman and CEO John Josephson. “Our four divisions demonstrate that we have a deep understanding of rights clearance requirements, best-in-class licensing capabilities that maximize the value of music, and industry-leading expertise in technology that enables accurate, cost-effective administration of music intellectual property.”

The company reflects the great changes and rapid growth of the music business. Many corners of the industry are led by recent innovation in technology driving exciting new opportunities. To capture it, SESAC Music Group coalesced around maximizing efficiency and building real value for rights holders and creatives. “Technology has pushed music into more and more places, turning licensing from a minor business matter to a major growth engine and revenue driver,” reflects Josephson. “We have the tools and expertise to harness this growth as well as drive this value back into the creative community.”