sE Electronic Mic Review sE-2200a

sE Electronics’ sE 2200a MKII is a multi-pattern version of their cardioid only sE2200a and uses two, 1-inch capsules back-to-back to achieve cardioid, omnidirectional or figure-of-eight polar pickup patterns.

The sE2200a MKII also gets a new fit and finish by way of a black, rubberized coating over the entire microphone. Said to help in damping out mechanical resonances of the metal case, I like its stealth look and the feel of its “no slip” grip—the mic, shock mount and pop screen nearly disappear in a darkened vocal booth or studio. The included sE metal pop screen is fully adjustable and attaches to the shock mount.
In cardioid, I found using the proximity effect a big plus for the extra bass it adds to round out the bright and clear sound when I used it on a loud vocalists who like to get in close and “eat” microphones. The omnidirectional pattern is a big plus for recording acoustic guitars to capture the whole instrument as it actually sounds in a room. I used the figure-of-eight pickup pattern when recording two singers who wanted to face each other and blend acoustically.

Other than for an overhead microphone, getting in close to drum kits would require another type of mount. The included shock mount is a bit large to sneak in on snare or toms. The low frequency roll-off works well to reduce bass frequency buildup in its cardioid pattern—without using EQ when recording acoustic guitars directly over and close to the sound hole. I got a very contemporary acoustic guitar sound on a Martin Custom D Classic Rosewood Acoustic Guitar (D-28).

At $399 MSRP, with the sE 2200a MKII you’re getting a multi-pattern version of the sE2200a condenser that’ll work together with 2200a if you already have one. Now, with cardioid, omni and figure-of-eight patterned microphones, you’re set for any recording job. Check out http://seelectronics.com/se2200a-ii-multi-pattern-mic.