Roland Unveils Limited-Edition Apparel

Roland, the world’s most iconic electronic musical instrument brand, is partnering with Roland Lifestyle to release a limited apparel collaboration through Ageless Galaxy (AGLXY). With this collection, Ageless Galaxy and Roland pay tribute to iconic instruments, such as the TR-808, JD-08, and JX-08 that have shaped the music industry into what it is today — bringing timeless classics into the modern era to create a legacy that influences generations beyond time.

AGLXY is a lifestyle brand inspired by the mentality of outer space exploration. Founded in 2013 by Tamish Aswani and Giorgi Krisno, their goal to leave a mark in the galaxy fuels their never-ending drive to do “Whatever it Takes” to survive. They’ve worked for top brands like Nike, MINI, Mercedes Benz, and PUMA to help these brands explore what’s unique about their own identities in order to foster that expression through localized art and culture-driven events. AGLXY products are cut, sewn, and printed, not ready made, and packaging showcases screen-printed designs to make each buying experience special. Their flagship store in the obscure-to-many city of Jakarta, Indonesia, was conceptualized as a place to meet and exchange stories in support of tailor-made shopping experiences. And collaborations with hot boutiques like the Main Source in Norwich, England, and hot artists like Dalek in North Carolina, US, have shown the world it is possible to beat the odds of being from an obscure place and still make the coolest stuff around.

Roland Lifestyle is an extension of Roland’s story dedicated to music, fashion, and culture. Roland Lifestyle has a mission to honor and thrive with its history to introduce Roland to the new generation with the help of apparel, products, and collaborations.

Roland x Ageless Galaxy Exclusive Clothing Collection

In this collection, Ageless Galaxy and Roland are showcasing iconic electronic musical equipment by Roland with five total clothing items:

  • A white short-sleeved shirt showcasing the Roland Boutique JD-08 Synthesizer Module on the back and with Ageless Galaxy's and Roland's logos on the front.
  • A white short-sleeved shirt featuring Roland's AIRA Compact series (T-8 Beat Machine, J-6 Chord Synthesizer, and E-4 Voice Tweaker) in different colors on the back and with Ageless Galaxy's and Roland's logos on the back and chest.
  • A black short-sleeved shirt with Ageless Galaxy's and Roland's stylized 3D logos.
  • A black short-sleeved shirt featuring the Roland Boutique JX-08 Synthesizer Module on the back, with Ageless Galaxy's and Roland's logos on the front.
  • A black jacket honoring Roland's legendary TR-808 drum machine with its iconic color spectrum on the front, with Ageless Galaxy's and Roland's logos on the back.

See images of each item from the Ageless Galaxy x Roland collection here.

Roland x Ageless Galaxy Limited Edition AIRA Compact

Striving for greatness and being fueled with inspiration is a mentality that Ageless Galaxy and Roland are bringing to this collaboration. What better way to show that mentality than through creating an Ageless Galaxy edition of the AIRA Compact modules that consists of the T-8 Beat MachineJ-6 Chord Synthesizer, and E-4 Voice Tweaker. A set of the Ageless Galaxy edition AIRA Compacts was given away at the Ageless Galaxy x Roland launch event in Jakarta, Indonesia, with the only other set created to remain on display at the AGLXY store.

Tamish Aswani, co-founder of AGLXY, noted, “Music has always been a huge part of what drives the creative ethos of Ageless Galaxy, and dance and DJ products are central to Jakarta’s bustling music scene, a youthful, outerworldly space where Roland’s AIRA Compact series fits perfectly.”

AGLXY Sticker Bomb

The exclusive design skins for the Ageless Galaxy edition AIRA Compact series is called the AGLXY Sticker Bomb. Each skin contains core graphics of Ageless Galaxy that express the brand's mentalities and values through a collage of stickers that AGLXY has designed over the years for the brand. Notable graphics are the AGLXY Italic Logo, the "Whatever it Takes" graphic, a core tagline and mentality, Terry the Space Shuttle, the brand mascot character, and the "Much Love from Jakarta" graphic, a sign-off to represent the brand's home base.

Roland Global VP of Artist Relations and Strategic Partnerships Brian Alli added, “Indonesia is an important market for Roland, and Ageless Galaxy is helping Roland reach Indonesian youth in an organic way. Jakarta is one of the world’s largest and most populous urban areas, second only to Tokyo, and one of the oldest cities in the world. Roland is grateful to AGLXY for curating a musical workshop series and a clothing collection featuring Roland’s dance and DJ products in connection with such a significant yet enigmatic cultural center.”

Availability & Pricing

The AGLXY × Roland Collection will be available to purchase at and

the AGLXY store starting on Saturday, November 26, 2022, at 11 AM GMT +7. Each T-Shirt is US $34 while the Coach Jacket is US $65.

The Ageless Galaxy edition of the AIRA Compact line is not available for sale.

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