Roland Introduces TD-07KV V-Drums

Roland has introduced the TD-07KV V-Drums, a compact and affordable new drum set added to the V-Drums family. Over two-plus decades, V-Drums have established a well-earned reputation as the most realistic, best playing, and best sounding electronic drums available. The TD-07KV carries on this proud legacy to provide the finest electronic drumming experience in its class, offering authentic Roland mesh-head snare and tom pads, large V-Cymbals, premium drum sounds, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, and much more.
At the heart of the TD-07KV is the powerful TD-07 sound module. It’s filled with acoustic drums and percussion captured in precise detail in pro studios, brought to life with advanced V-Drums technologies that make them behave just like their acoustic counterparts. There’s a wide range of electronic percussion too, plus deep editing tools for personalizing every sound. Players can easily change out and tune drums, add damping, change the ambient environment, and use individual EQs and transient editors to shape sounds to studio-level perfection.
The TD-07KV is outfitted with Roland’s legendary double-ply, tension-adjustable mesh drumheads for snare and toms, giving players the most accurate playing feel and sensing available. The PDX-8 8-inch snare pad features independent head and rim zones for assigning different sounds, while three PDX-6A 6-inch tom pads offer single-zone triggering. The kit also includes CY-8 12-inch pads for crash and ride, a 10-inch hi-hat with integrated pedal, and a KD-10 kick pad.
Built with strong materials and quality components, the TD-07KV’s hardware delivers the rock-solid stability and lasting durability that V-Drums are famous for. The custom drum stand provides a firm, steady foundation, while precision clamps tightly hold all components in place.
One of the main advantages of choosing electronic drums for home playing is that they’re much quieter than acoustic drums. Backed by decades of R&D, the TD-07KV is purpose-designed to be much quieter than other e-kits without sacrificing feel. Mesh heads minimize pad noise, while special damping in the kick pad reduces noise and vibration. Even the stand components are designed to reduce vibration and noise transfer, and Roland offers a range of optional Noise Eater accessories for further reduction if needed.
The TD-07KV makes it easy to have fun and be more productive by drumming along with lessons and favorite tracks. With onboard Bluetooth, users can call up tracks on a smartphone, tablet, or computer and wirelessly hear the audio through the module alongside the drums. MIDI transmission over Bluetooth is also supported, allowing users to record MIDI data in music apps cable-free.
A huge benefit of electronic drums is direct communication with modern music production software. Via USB, users can record discrete audio and MIDI drum tracks in any Mac/Windows DAW, or trigger sounds in software-based drum instruments for studio or live playing.
The TD-07KV also integrates seamlessly with Melodics™, a Mac/Windows software application that offers a growing selection of free drum lessons to develop rhythm, timing, and muscle memory. Access to 40 lessons is provided for free, with unlimited lesson access available with a subscription.
The TD-07KV is available now for $999.99.
To learn more about the TD-07KV V-Drums, visit Roland.com.