Røde NTG5 Broadcast Shotgun Microphone

The new NTG5 is called a short-range shotgun microphone and provides a very tight polar pattern with a smooth off-axis response. Mostly made from aerospace-grade aluminum, the NTG5 weighs 76g and the included PG2-R pistol grip shock mount weighs 224g and together they are perfect for either handheld use or at the end of a boom pole.

The NTG5 has an RF-bias small-diaphragm condenser TF5 capsule with a highly directional super-cardioid pattern, just a 10dBA noise floor, and is capable of 130dB SPL. The mic measures only 203mm long. This is a fully professional microphone with a fresh design that uses circular interference ports rather than the usual linear slots. The new port design is said to produce a “superior progressive wave interference” that produces a crystal clear, uncolored sound.

The Rode NTG5, whether used on a pistol grip, boom pole or on top of your camera, is perfectly suited for capturing dialogue or any environmental and ambient sound. It sells for $499 MSRP. It comes with a complete location recording kit including the PG2-R pistol grip shock mount, bare mic clip, cable, WS10 windscreen and other accessories.