Live Review: Rachel Sage

The Mint  Los Angeles, CA

Web: rachaelsage.com

Contact: [email protected] 

Players: Rachael Sage, guitar, vocals, piano; Ward Williams, cello

Material: Hailing from Port Chester, NY, Rachael Sage is a singer-songwriter whose delicate poetry encompasses most of her songs. The lyrics are deeply felt and come straight from the heart as the songs focus mainly on the lyrics. Piano and guitar are the main catalyst for the lyrics, but to everyone’s surprise, the unsung hero here was Williams on the cello, as he carried each tune to newer and higher places.

Musicianship: Sage is a good piano player as well as a good guitar player and singer. Her music is not fancy or extravagant, but it hits home with the lyrics. Williams, on the other hand, took mediocre writings and just raised the level of each tune, musically, to new heights. The background vocals, as well as the cello play, was exceptional; modest but brilliant, and it blew everyone away. 

Performance: Sage is very chatty and made an effort to connect to the audience in every way possible. She is entertaining and direct and loves engaging her audience as she pranced around the stage. It was like being at a friend’s house, enjoying a night of acoustic music.

Summary: Rachael Sage’s music is simple and straightforward. Tunes like “No Regret,” an upbeat, happy song about her father (who had cancer) and herself, who is a uterine cancer survivor, as they connected on an emotional level through an ordeal that only leaves devastation in its wake. Add a beautiful cello and superb background vocals and you have a hit song. Or the catchy, “I Done a Rebecca.” It’s a tune that’ll rock your socks off while you’re trying to picture (hear) a full band playing it. Check out her latest effort, The Other Side, out now at all your local platforms. – Pierce Brochetti