The ROCKN STOMPN Model RS-4 foot-activated power sequencer/conditioner is the ultimate power strip designed specifically for musicians.

The RS-4 is designed to power up/down an individual musician’s set of gear, guitar, bass, electric piano, organ, PA, as a group, in the proper sequence every time.

Sequentially powering equipment up/down is ALWAYS necessary in audio systems due to low level amplifiers often contained in loopers, mixers, equalizers, and special effects components commonly called stomp boxes or pedals.

ROCKN STOMPN LLC is headquartered in Duluth,Ga. The RS-4 Power Sequencer represents four years of intense research and development, extensive use in the field by professional working musicians, our goal being to build the ultimate power strip for musicians. The engineering and manufacturing intellectual property represented in this product is the result of decades of cumulative knowledge. Starting with a fully welded steel enclosure, every component is of the highest quality available, and is American made. That is why we can warrant this product forever.

MSRP $379