RME Adds Room EQ To Fireface Series For Dolby Atmos

RME’s has announced its latest addition – the inclusion of Room EQ. This innovation will be implemented across all current Fireface models including the Fireface UFX III, UFX II, UCX II, and 802 FS. This functionality is also available for the UFX III predecessor, the Fireface UFX+. The integration of Room EQ  adds room calibration to the RME eco-system making it perfect for Immersive audio setups including Dolby ATMOS.

The ROOM EQ  is a new DSP section added to RME's TotalMix FX. It consists of nine (9) bands of fully parametric EQ, individual output delay, and volume calibration. Users can freely assign up to twenty (20) ROOM EQs at once to any output(s) they wish including stereo, headphone,  and digital outputs for maximum flexibility. Settings can be input manually or imported using tools like Sonarworks or Room EQ Wizard.

These new features are now available for new and existing customers free of charge. Existing RME customers who have already purchased a Fireface UFX III, UFX+, UFX II, 802 FS, or UCX II can visit the RME-USA website and download the latest firmware to add ROOM EQ  and Crossfeed functionality to their systems. "We are very proud of the fact that these new features are added at no additional cost so that existing customers can benefit from these incredible enhancements."  Once again RME shows its continued commitment to excellence and lifetime customer service to its loyal users."
For more information on RME, visit:  https://www.rme-usa.com/ 

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