RFL Records

RFL Records Announces New Signings and Seeks New Talent

The new rock and metal label RFL Records has announced the signings of Silk9, Black Knots, Hydrogyn and Perfect Strangers (the latter of which features Ronny Munroe of Metal Church and Trans-Siberian Orchestra). Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and founded by Jon Marchewka, RFL Records was established in July 2016, and created under a father company, Rock in the FastLane.

“We saw so many artists that have greatness in them that were not being heard, so we decided to use our platform to get them heard,” explains Marchewka. “I am extremely passionate about music and saw a HUGE need for the ‘people’ aspect to be brought into the business. RFL Records and our artists are not 2 separate entities, but a family of artist and label.”

RFL Records is also looking for strong hard rock and metal acts to build the lineup. If you believe that your band's got what it takes, send them a link to your music, social media sites, band pages and any information that tells them about your band directly to Marchewka, via [email protected].

For more, visit rflrecords.com