Musink Festival 2018 in Orange County, CA

The Musink festival brings a weekend of cars, tattoos, and, of course, loud music to Orange County for another year. Between acts like Good Charlotte, Blink 182 (of course), Machine Gun Kelly and Lil Yachty there was an energetic mix of punk and hip-hop to suit the 3-day festival. Fans packed The Hangar at the OC Fairgrounds, especially on Saturday, for classically awesome sets by Good Charlotte followed by none other than Blink 182. A performance to remember was given by a new band called The Fever. With Rage Against the Machine-type vibes and energy, they were a great mix of hip-hop and punk to round out the talent. Not to mention probably the most energetic performance of the festival, with of course a guest appearance by Travis Barker, namesake of the festival and has recorded music with the band. Overall it was a great weekend for tattoos and music and definitely look forward to what they have in store for next year.