NAMM News: The NAMM Foundation Celebrates 25 Years of Best Communities for Music Education

The NAMM Foundation has announced the recipients of its 2024 Best Communities for Music Education (BCME) Awards, a signature program now in its 25th year of recognizing and celebrating school districts and individual schools for their support and commitment to music education and their efforts to ensure access to music for all students as part of a well-rounded education.  

Two awards are given: Best Communities for Music Education (BCME) for school districts and the Support Music Merit Award (SMMA) for individual school sites. Both reach K-12 schools and school districts throughout the U.S. and offer opportunities to increase awareness and support for music programs. This year’s The NAMM Foundation honors over 1,000 districts and individual school sites that include public, private, charter and parochial schools that have the highest commitment to producing exceptional music programs.  

“Our unwavering commitment is steadfast in embracing and rewarding educators, administrators, parents and community leaders who applaud and support comprehensive music instruction as a fundamental part of core learning opportunities,” said John Mlynczak, NAMM president and CEO. “These leaders offer an extraordinary model of teaching that ignites a foundation of success we can all honor and celebrate.” 

The schools and communities recognized by Best Communities for Music Education demonstrate a commitment to ensuring music learning opportunities are available for every student and provide an example for other communities to follow.  

Matt Koperniak, Coordinator of Performing Arts, Fulton County Schools, 25-year winner 

“The Best Communities for Music Education designation has remained a point of pride for Fulton County Schools for 25 years, affirming our Board’s unwavering commitment to music education. This recognition has prompted an increase of school and community leadership attending musical performances and great interest in our students and these critical programs. NAMM Foundation’s recognition amplifies the vital role music plays in shaping well-rounded individuals and vibrant communities and has allowed us to expand financial support in the areas of programs, instruments, and textbooks which is essential in providing access to our students.”  

Susan Stuber, VAPA Resource Teacher, Vista Unified School District, 1st year winner 

"From the elementary music lessons, where students cultivate curiosity and begin to build confidence engaging with music, to the middle school students developing into capable musicians, and onward to the high school students connecting to the world through music, Vista Unified School District witnesses firsthand the profound impact music has on our students."  

For additional information about the BCME program and a full listing of award recipients, please visit: www.nammfoundation.org/bcme