RetroMod 106 Available in Sound Collective

Normally sold for $49, RetroMod 106,  emulations of three classic Roland synths in a powerful plug-in for Mac, PC and Linux, is free to download for Sound Collective members from March 4 to May 6, and comes with a 50% discount code to redeem against any other RetroMod instrument in the Tracktion Software store.

Built on their proprietary Acktion engine, Tracktion Software’s RetroMod series of sample-based plug-in synths aims to “capture the soul of classic hardware and add something new”, and draws on a broad array of instruments by Moog, Clavia, Korg, Sequential Circuits, Kawai, Novation, Yamaha, Waldorf and many others.

RetroMod 106 comprises lovingly multisampled renditions of the Roland Alpha Juno, Juno-60 and Juno-106, and gets you up and running with a 291-strong categorised library of mix-ready preset basses, leads, pads, keys, sequences, brass and more. Although a complete sound in its own right, each preset also serves as a starting point for your own sound design adventures, as the main control panel gives access to a bank of transformative parameters, including oscillator Ring Mod and FM, filter Cutoff and Resonance, Unison detune and portamento.

Many of the presets go beyond the limitations of the original Juno hardware with the addition of a second oscillator, and the Analog knob dials in random pitch variation for an authentic analogue sound. The XY pad introduces an effortless performance angle, modulating up to six parameters at once, while flipping to the Effects Section page reveals a versatile four-band EQ and four multi-effects modules, each housing any one of nine fully furnished processors including Distortion, Chorus, Delay and three Reverbs.

RetroMod’s successful combination of thoughtfully crafted presets, intuitive controls and spectacular effects will have any producer cooking up their own polished, impactful synth sounds in seconds, no matter what their level of experience. And with 15,000 samples under the hood, the rich detail and character of the three legendary instruments it represents shine through.

Alongside RetroMod 106, Sound Collective members can also grab a 50% discount code from their Novation account, with which to buy any other RetroMod instrument in the Tracktion online store.

“This month we’re excited to join forces with our friends at Tracktion to offer their take on the classic Juno series synths,” comments Sound Collective Product Manager, Jonathan Campbell.

“These instruments have been used in many legendary tracks, so it’s a really nice tool to have in the arsenal, and in such a compact and accessible form. It makes creating thick and luscious pads, driving basslines and analogue string sounds a breeze, and will add an extra dimension to anything you’re currently working on.”

Sound Collective members can download RetroMod 106 from their Novation account and redeem their 50% RetroMod discount code between March 4 and May 6.

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