Reggae Night XIX at the Hollywood Bowl

The night was live, as a sold-out crowd was amped for Jamaican music at the historic, award-winning Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood, CA. Over 15,000 attendees jammed out with positive vibes when the show kicked off with the Wailing Souls, followed by the magnificent Ziggy Marley and his band. 
The Wailing Sounds' origins date back since the 1960s; and they show no signs of slowing down, as they played hit songs like, "Hold Me Tight," I've Got to Go Back Home," and "Cool Running," among others. They set the tone for a wonderful evening.
Ziggy Marley, an 8-time Grammy winner, headlined and closed the show with his 15-piece band, giving the crowd old-to-new hit records to vibe to. "Lift Our Spirits, Raise Our Voices" introduced his set, followed by the "Black Cat," "High on Life," "Stir it Up," "Burnin and Lootin," "See Dem Fake Leaders," among a slew of bangers that continued the show.
What set this show apart was the Bob Marley hit song, "Is This Love?," that Ziggy sang, and almost the entire crowd got to their feet and harmoniously sang along with the band, ending the night entitled Reggae Night XIX, peacefully. 
Photos courtesy of Xxposure LA.