Recording Industry "Oscars" Accepting Nominations


Held during The NAMM Show in Anaheim each year, The NAMM TEC Awards are the “Oscars” of the pro audio and sound recording industry. This is where outstanding products in worlds of music making, live performances, video games, television and films are recognized and where creative luminaries such as Les Paul, Quincy Jones, Pete Townshend and Stevie Wonder are celebrated for their musical contributions.

The 2016 TEC Nominating Panel is currently accepting product and studio design project entries for the 31st Annual Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards. Click the appropriate link below to access the form and enter the products or studio design projects that you would like to nominate:

•     Outstanding Technical Achievement
•     Outstanding Creative Achievement
•     Studio Design Project

Product entries must have been released and in commercial use during the eligibility year.

Submitted studio design projects must be new studios or rooms, or major renovations completed and in use during the eligibility period. *Please also include a web address where Nominating Panel members may view the new room or facility.

The deadline for entries is June 30.

For more information, visit tecawards.org.

(Eligibility period: Sept. 1, 2014 to Aug. 31, 2015)