Recording Academy P&E Wing Renews Iron Mountain Entertainment Services Partnership

The Recording Academy® Producers & Engineers Wing has renewed its partnership with Iron Mountain Entertainment Services (IMES), the Media & Entertainment division of Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE: IRM). As the recording industry's trusted resource for preserving music and protecting musical intellectual property, and as an official P&E Wing Sustaining Partner, Iron Mountain Entertainment Services provides title sponsorship for professional development events and serves as a member of the P&E Wing Manufacturers Council, a diverse array of audio-related companies that functions as a creative think-tank addressing industry issues, technical best practices, new technology development, preservation of recording assets and creative rights.

"Iron Mountain Entertainment Services is a close ally, a key member of the audio community, and synonymous with excellence in sound, film and fine art archival practices," stated Maureen Droney, Recording Academy Sr. Managing Director, Producers & Engineers Wing. "Industry trends shine a spotlight on the importance of proper archival and preservation – for instance, the recent wave of legacy artists selling entire catalogs, and the re-emergence of catalogs as primary revenue drivers in streaming audio. IMES shares the same vision as the P&E Wing regarding best practices in archiving, preservation, restoration and transfer, as well as an overall commitment to excellence in audio. We look forward to continuing our joint efforts to preserve the past and shape the future of recorded music."

The two organizations recently held a closed-door virtual summit, "Protecting Legacies: The Art, Science and Value of Music Archives," with music industry leaders. The summit provided participants an open forum for learning and sharing best practices, concerns, resources and personal stories around the importance of the archival of music. Droney noted, "Our goal with this summit is to start a formal conversation across the industry about this critical topic, and to get a 360-degree view of the varied perspectives on archiving held by the people who support, guide and work with creators. IMES has worked closely with the P&E Wing for many years to bring archiving and preservation to the forefront of various industry discussions. By the very nature of what they do, IMES has a unique perspective on the landscape of historic music archives and is an important voice in these discussions."

Lance Podell, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Iron Mountain Entertainment Services, added, "Our partnership with the P&E Wing is perhaps our most vital lifeline to the artists, producers, labels, engineers, managers and archivists that make up the recording industry. We're deeply committed to providing archival solutions that ensure the value of these individuals' work is preserved and accessible for future generations. Through our partnership with the P&E Wing, we continue to raise awareness of the critical importance of thoughtful archive strategy to preserve and monetize these assets for decades to come."

Photo caption: Pictured L-R, top row: Margaret Travis, Director, Global Head of Marketing, Iron Mountain Entertainment Services; and Maureen Droney, Recording Academy Sr. Managing Director, Producers & Engineers Wing. Bottom row: Lance Podell, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Iron Mountain Entertainment Services

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