Raneri Signs with Hopeless Records

Anthony Raneri HopelessAnthony Raneri, the vocalist and guitarist for punk band Bayside, has announced that he has signed a deal with Hopeless Records and will be releasing his second solo record, Sorry State Of Mind, on June 30. Pre-orders for the new album are available now at his website and iTunes.

In concurrence with the announcement, Raneri has partnered with Billboard.com to premiere the record’s first new track called “Gone,” which can be streamed at http://bit.ly/1GVa6a7.

Raneri made his debut as a solo singer/songwriter with 2012’s critically praised solo EP, New Cathedrals, which exhibited his songwriting abilities and versatility as an artist. Now, three years later he has returned with a soulful new record that blurs the lines between pop, rock and country and pushes his creative prowess further than ever before.

“When I first started releasing solo music with New Cathedrals, I told myself that there weren't any ground rules or boundaries in what I made, and Sorry State of Mind takes that even further,” says Raneri. “If I'm writing a song and it's taking a country turn, I go with it. If I feel like experimenting with electronic music, I do.”

Sorry State Of Mind is an eclectic collection of six diverse songs that could easily appear on different albums. From the jazzy soul-stirring crooner “Smithereens” to the electro-acoustic, pop-infused jam “Gone,” Raneri’s melting pot of music has something for everyone.

“I have always felt that a good song is a good song whether it's dressed up like a country song, punk rock song or show tune,” adds Raneri. “That's what I've done with Bayside for years. Take different styles of music and dress them up as punk rock. A lot of Bayside songs started out sounding more like show tunes and folk songs and we put a different spin on them. With the solo music, I let the songs stay where they originate.”

For more information and to pre-order the album, visit anthonyraneri.com.