Quadio and Symphonic Launch 'Quadio Distribution'

Quadio, the upstart college creative network, will partner with leading music industry renegade Symphonic to give young creatives new analytics, royalty, and payment services, and vastly increased access to listeners.

“There are way too many talented independent artists who struggle to get heard -- we wanted to change that, for young artists, and for the world,” explained Abir Hossain, Vice President of Quadio and the head of the company’s label, Quadio Records. “Our agreement with Symphonic to create Quadio Distribution will mean Quadio’s user base of college-aged musicians will now have the premium technology usually reserved for established artists, easily and cheaply. It’s a strong word, but it feels revolutionary.”

Jorge Brea, CEO of Symphonic, concurred, saying, “Symphonic is very excited to be in partnership with Quadio. They’ve shown themselves to be true to their mission of helping emerging college artists, and I wish that when starting out, I had a partner like them to help me navigate the music industry. We’re very pumped up to hear material that will likely be all over Tik Tok, Triller, Spotify, and many more platforms in the near future.”

With the new partnership, the college-aged artists using Quadio, even those just releasing their first tracks, will now have opportunities typically reserved for more established performers. “I can see this introducing the world to talent it might never have heard,” he noted. “The distribution, legal, and financial roadblocks facing new creatives are brutal. This partnership changes that.”

Symphonic is well-known in the music distribution industry for offering a completely tailored experience to artists. As part of the new partnership, which was heralded by Quadio CEO Marcus Welch as “game-changing,” Quadio will extend Symphonic’s services to emerging artists, including:

  • Flexible and reasonable distribution fees, including a Commission Structure Program for managers, labels, and production companies;
  • Reach to more than 200 DSP platforms, including partnerships with SoundExchange, YouTube, SiriusXM, and SoundCloud;
  • Playlisting opportunities through Symphonic’s close relationships with DSPs and third party curators;
  • Protection of artists repertoire and rights;
  • Cutting-edge payment technology for monthly payouts and splitting royalties.

To learn more about the technology included in the new Quadio-Symphonic partnership, please click symphonic.com/technology.

Jason Jordan, Symphonic’s SR A&R/Business Development summed up the new partnership saying, “Quadio is a unique and future-facing platform, much like Symphonic, so the alignment to offer superior distribution and services to their growing ecosystem made perfect sense.”

Artists can now apply for Quadio Distribution via quadio.com/distro