New Toys: PSP Saturator

PSP Saturator is an updated version of PSP's MixSaturator that was one of PSP's first products over 20 years ago. PSP Saturator has all new code written from the ground up. It includes modern features like 4-times oversampling to 384-MHz, retina screen and resizable GUI, plus some old problems were fixed. However, it is not backward compatible with your old presets.

I liked the new Low and High sections for separately applying low frequency distortion and soft-knee compression to the high frequencies. The main control is called Saturation and it drives the main algorithm under the direction of the Shape control. Shape has seven algorithms—simulated analog saturation curves ranging from smooth tube distortion to diode rectification with SoftClip. There is also a HardClip or digital clipping position.

I'm new to the world of saturation, but I have made great use of PSP Saturator on individual tracks—drums, snares, synth bass and electric guitars. There are over 100 presets included and right away I can recommend two called "Sub Enhancement" and "Snare."

Sub Enhancement did that very thing on a slightly thin synth bass, while the Snare preset inserted on a close-miked snare drum track brought up all the sound recorded. Now the fullness of the rest of the kit was made hearable. In the first example, PSP Saturator was amplifying the synth bass' sub and also the upper harmonics in a way to make the bass part translate over small speakers. When used on the snare drum track, it worked like a very good analog compressor.

Now for PCs, Mac 64-bit Intel, and Mac for Apple Silicon (AAX thru Rosetta 2). The new version of PSP Saturator sounds amazing and I especially thought its adjustability was key to its brilliance! Another great audio tool from PSPAudioware! It sells for $99 MSRP!