Product Profile: NUGEN Audio Producer Bundle

The NUGEN Audio Producer Bundle is a suite of nine premium-grade mixing and mastering plug-ins designed to offer audio professionals end-to-end control over their production workflow, as well as providing a comprehensive audio toolbox for mastering and delivery of your final mix onto today’s audio streaming platforms. NUGEN Audio’s Producer Bundle can also help in the preparation and delivery of your mixes for broadcast as well as a toolbox for general music production applications.  

The NUGEN Audio producer bundle now includes Paragon ST, a stereo version of Paragon (NUGEN’s flagship multi-channel convolution reverb), that has been specifically optimized for music production. Paragon ST is a true convolution reverb combined with the flexibility and control of a classic algorithmic reverb. Unlike most convolution reverbs, Paragon ST does not use a static impulse response algorithm. Using resynthesis technology (developed with Dr. Jez Wells at the University of York), it is possible to significantly alter reverb decay, room size, and other parameters beyond the original space's Impulse Response without the use of time stretching, which can cause undesirable artifacts.

Paragon ST’s microphone distance control allows you to adjust early reverb reflections in order to give an impression of the sound source being closer to, or farther away from, the listener without affecting the overall sound of the space. A stereo width parameter also provides much more flexibility for fine-tuning within the stereo field. Also included is a reverb modulation utility with a rate control that can be used to lock Paragon ST to the tempo of your track.

The NUGEN Audio Stereoizer 3 is designed to help preserve your Stereo Image while adjusting and controlling variables of your mono and stereo signal path, a tool that is particularly useful if you are mixing your source material for broadcast applications. Stereoizer 3 is designed to introduce a feeling of natural space in your mix without unwanted audio artifacts. This is achieved using specialized algorithms designed to split the signal by frequency onto your left and right channels, The result is that you have full control over your stereo image while retaining full mono compatibility, if required.

The NUGEN Audio Monofilter is a low-frequency mono summing utility that is particularly effective for managing bass frequencies by allowing you to control stereo width and phase correlation in the low-end of the audio spectrum. Monofilter is a particularly useful tool for mastering for vinyl, and correctly translating bass frequencies for EDM and other low frequency intensive styles of music, such as house, techno, etc.

The NUGEN Audio Visualizer 2 is a comprehensive and flexible FFT audio analyzer. Visualizer 2 also includes a full suite of metering tools and allows for multiple meters to be viewed at once. A multi-view setting allows you to compare two different input signals and features user definable real-time audio analysis tools designed to give you multiple and simultaneous visual representations of your mix. Visualizer 2's unique intelligent window facility lets you select multiple view combinations automatically. The NUGEN Audio Visualizer 2 can be used as a standalone application or as a plug-in.

The NUGEN Audio ISLst is a true-peak limiter designed to facilitate precise and transparent control of peak levels in mono and stereo audio signals. The NUGEN Audio ISLst offers a true brick-wall solution allowing the user to define the True-Peak Limit of your audio output rather than the more traditional threshold control.

NUGEN Audio MasterCheck is an advanced metering and mastering utility designed to provide accurate, true peak metering and playback of how your music will sound on different streaming services, podcasts, etc. You get a toolbox that includes internationally recognized loudness measurements, dynamics monitoring, and ITU compliance of true peak inter-sample metering, all of which can be used to achieve specific loudness targets. NUGEN Audio MasterCheck features an external reference section metering and monitoring button which locks your music onto a specific CODEC allowing you to hear the difference between the original and compressed CODEC.  

The NUGEN Audio SEQ-ST is a “Spline” (linear spine) style EQ that allows you turn on and off up to three different groups of audio and allows you to apply different filter curves to each group. The plug-in allows you to adjust depth and steepness controls with a unique direct-draw interface and includes a spectrum analyzer to make it easy to quickly identify and specifically fine-tune your audio signal. Couple this with EQ matching via the NUGEN Audio SEQ-ST sonic fingerprinting capability and you have a flexible and comprehensive EQ that is usable in a variety of mix applications. The NUGEN Audio SEQ-ST is suitable for all types of audio production, including mastering and post-production as well as for music or broadcast applications.  

The NUGEN Audio Stereoplacer allows you to pan audio content to your mix based on a specific frequency. It is designed to allow you to pan a selected range of specific frequencies without affecting the rest of your stereo image. Stereoplacer’s ability to identify and pan specific frequencies makes it a particularly useful tool for beat making, panning sounds without affecting their low end, fixing poor microphone placement, and moving problem frequencies as an alternative to EQ.

The NUGEN Audio SigMod is a flexible, modular, signal modification utility designed to convert or fine-tune an audio signal for a wide variety of mix applications. SigMod is designed to be a comprehensive audio toolbox that gives you control over essential mixing functions including signal monitoring and routing, mid/side conversion and output level protection. SigMod has a variety of selectable modules that can be inserted anywhere in your tracks to help you to fine-tune your mix. Selectable modules include Mid-side, Switch, Mute/Solo, Delay Phase, Trim, Mono, DC Offset, Protect and Insert.  

Offering much more than a set of typical music production plug-ins, the NUGEN Audio Producer Bundle delivers a comprehensive suite of audio tools designed to give you control over mixing, mastering, and delivering your music for today’s audio streaming platforms, as well as preparing your mixes for broadcast and other specialized music production applications. The NUGEN Audio Producer Bundle is available for purchase for $499 or on a subscription basis. The individual plug-ins can also be purchased individually. Fully functioning 15-day trials of all NUGEN Audio plug-ins are also available for download from the NUGEN Audio website.

Find out more at nugenaudio.com/nugenproducer