Primary Wave Partners with Marillion’s Derek Dick, AKA Fish

Primary Wave Music, the leading independent publisher of iconic and legendary music in the world, announced their partnership with Marillion’s Derek Dick otherwise known as “Fish”. Terms of the deal will see the dynamic publisher acquire Fish’s master royalties and writer’s share for Marillion. As singer and lyricist, Fish was one of the songwriters behind the British rock band’s biggest hits including “Kayleigh,” “Lavender,” and “Incommunicado” which are all included in the deal.  

Released in 1985, “Kayleigh” immediately shot the top 10 and would stay there for 14 weeks. The song is considered the band’s most successful single not only in the U.K. but across the globe. “Lavender” was their follow up single and shot to number 7 upon release. The song stayed in the top ten for over two months. “Incommunicado” was released in 1987 and became the band’s third top ten single. 

Terms of the deal will also give Fish access to Primary Wave’s marketing team and publishing infrastructure, which includes digital strategy, licensing, synch opportunities, and film & TV production.

Of the new partnership, Fish shared “Every songwriter has a spiritual and emotional connection with their creations and is very protective about their legacy. When Clive approached me about my shares in the Marillion catalogue, I soon realized that Primary Wave was a good home for them to go to and be cherished and to leave that part of my history as I move forward in my solo career. I'm pleased that these songs will be heard by further generations and introduce my continued songwriting to new audiences worldwide."

Primary Wave’s Clive Black added, “I am thrilled to have been able to bring this wonderful catalogue to Larry and the great team at Primary Wave.”