Polo G Launches Label ODA in Partnership with Columbia Records

Rapper Polo G will launch his own label, ODA, in partnership with Columbia Records. “The name of my label is ODA, Only Dreamers Achieve Records, because in our communities we are told what we CAN’T be. I want to send the message that we control our futures and encourage artists to dream big,” stated Polo.

The first release will be from a budding talent from Syracuse, NY, Scorey, due this year.  Polo will be heavily involved in the daily operations and continue to scout and develop talent. “Since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted a place where I could be creative and where I could work with other talented artists, to help the world see their talent. I’m happy to see this come to life,” offered Polo. “My son set this goal when he was a teenager. When he SPOKE IT, I SAW IT. I stood with him shoulder by shoulder until we could TOUCH IT. I am excited to watch him flourish into the businessman he’s always dreamed of being,” added manager Stacia Mac.

Recently, Polo was named one of the Freshman Class 2020, XXL’s annual roundup of hip-hop’s brightest new stars, and he is dedicated to paying it forward. He said: “I want to groom other talent and help them on their journey. On my path, it was sink or swim. I want to put them up on their game from the start. I want to give them my formula for success.”

Hailing from Chicago, the young rapper, singer and songwriter developed a unique sound that quickly gained momentum and a genuine connection with fans, who were quick to relate to his vivid and explicit storytelling. He tackles tough subjects ranging from racism to mental health, and while he often pays homage to his hometown, he’s also quick to acknowledge the common injustice and frequent police brutality he and so many others face on the daily. None are more prevalent than in “Wishing For A Hero,” where he raps: “You ain't my color, then you don't know the struggle of livin' black / Cops kill us and we protest, what type of shit is that?”

Following this year’s release of The GoatForbes wrote: “Polo G Is Having The Best Week Of His Career With 10 Simultaneous Hot 100 Hits,” and followed by notating, “Owning 10% of the most competitive songs ranking in the country is a feat only the biggest stars can manage, and by proving his popularity with this move, Polo G has taken a major step in his career and ascended to stardom.”