Music Connection Magazine Podcast

Hosts Randy Thomas and Arnie Wohl are bringing the stories off the cover and into the studio every Wednesday.

Music Connection Magazine Podcast

After 40 years of being an industry standard, Music Connection Magazine is hitting the Mics! Hosts Randy Thomas--the first-ever woman to announce the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame, the Academy Awards and Tony Awards--and Arnie Wohl who has worked in Management & Promotion of artists like Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul and Coldplay, are bringing the stories off the cover and into the studio. Each week you can expect exclusive interviews with Rock Icons like Sting, Daryl Hall and Jimmy Page, and cutting-edge acts such as Haim, Mondo Cozmo and Anderson Paak, all of whom bring the magazine to life. Music Connection Magazine comes alive every Wednesday through Libsyn, Apple and Pandora,


Year End Wrap & Singer-Songwriter: Eric Hutchinson

A comprehensive wrap of 2018 along with what's coming up for the Music Connection podcast in 2019. Plus, international platinum-selling singer-songwriter Eric Hutchinson joins the podcast crew Randy Thomas, Arnie Wohl, Mark Nardone and Anita Gevinson to talk about his latest album Modern Happiness, mental health, Prozac and his board game "Songversations". Listen now for your chance to win one of his board games.

01:10:06 12/26/2018